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Action Car Rental - We Make It Easy

Renting a vehicle shouldn't be difficult or stressful. Whether you are looking to rent while on business, taking a vacation, or while your vehicle is in the shop, it should be simple!

Our Focus

At Action Car Rental, our focus is making sure you get the right vehicle at the right price, no matter how you choose to pay.

If you have:
✔ a valid driver’s license
✔ and are at least 18 years old
you qualify!

Our Renters

Our motto is “if we can’t rent to you, no one can!” We strive to accommodate you in any way we can.
By renting to younger drivers, accepting debit cards and prepaid cards,
letting you rent with cash, or allowing an employer or family member to pay for your rental, we provide unique services.
Everyone is welcome here!
We also offer several discounts including military/veteran, AARP, teachers and school employees, seniors, etc.