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What does a reservation guarantee?
What should I do if I lost something in the vehicle?
What method of payment is accepted for my rental vehicle?
What is the minimum age that you rent to?
Why rent a car at Action Car Rental?
Why does your company have a non-smoking policy?
Who is affected by the no-smoking policy?
Why are you quoting me a higher rate than the last time I checked prices for the same reservation?
Do you offer special insurance replacement rates while the car I own is being serviced?
What should I do if I'm involved in an accident or the car is damaged during my rental?
Can I rent a car to take a driving test?
What's the difference between an infant seat, toddler safety seat, and child booster seat?
How can I get a copy of my receipt or rental agreement from my recent rental?
How do you classify a local renter?
How early do I need to return my rented vehicle?
Can I return my rental vehicle if the Action location is closed?
When will my deposit be returned to me?
Do you have any services that I can purchase for the toll roads in Florida?
Do I need a Credit Card to make a reservation?
Is There A Cancellation Fee?
Is there always an additional driver daily fee? How much is it?
Are there fees associated with using Pre Pay? What are the qualifications?
What is the driver’s license policy when renting a vehicle with Action?
Does Action offer the ability to use toll express lanes?
Guaranteed Reservations
Maximum Rental Period
Action 12 and 15 Passenger Van
Blackout Dates: General Information
Global Positioning System Units & Navigation Devices (GPS)
Additional Driver Fee
How do I go about adding an additional driver to contract to drive the car?
What if I just allow someone drive without adding them on the contract as an Additional Driver?
Can the additional driver be under 25 years of age to drive?
Can the additional driver return the car for me if I am not available to return the car myself?
What is Loss Damage Waiver (LDW)?
Will my Credit Card or Personal Auto Insurance cover the Action rental car instead of purchasing the Loss Damage Waiver ("LDW" from Action?
Does Action have a No-Smoking Policy?
What is the penalty for smoking in Action vehicles?
How can I ensure that I will not be charged a smoking related cleaning fee?
How is it determined that a vehicle has been smoked in?
When is it determined that the vehicle has been smoked in?
When will I know if I have been charged the cleaning fee for smoking?
What should I do if I witness another customer smoking in a vehicle?
Are there special rates for accident rentals?